New fire detector- and spark extinguish equipment

For the past weeks several electricans have been busy to wire up and rewire some hundred meters of cable for our new automatic fire detector system. At critical places spark dedectors and spark extinguishers were installed.

Hopefully this is just a saftey matter!


Completion precaution measures

Due to the so- called 300 century flood at the end of last June 2006, a line of further measures on theDyk-mill site had to be erected. This includes a new transformer, fixed pump stations as well as several ferro-concrete walls. In case of emercency, a field-tested plan was developed, which is practised regularly.

Export of the 1st CMS grain milling plant for Nigeria

With full commitment we were concentrating all our efforts in completing the construction of the firsrt CMS flour milling plant for Nigeria. For this task a team of well experienced mill construction engineers were hired, whose insights and special skills insured a speedy success of the venture.

The plant, consisting of grain pre-cleaning, buffer silo, 1 CMS cleaning container and 2 CMS milling containers, was exported by ship to Nigeria middle January 2007.

Flood precaution measures

A line of measures against further floods are to be installed on the premises of the Dyk-Mill. The so-called "flood that happens every 300 years" that hit our area the end of June 2006, has shown us that the present precautions are unfotunately insufficient. A new transformer is to be buolt, furthner pump stations already installerd, a ferroconcrete wall instead of a dam is plannes and a field tested plan developed in case of emergency.

All in all though, we hope that such a disaster will never happen again!