Malt-swell-flour (enzyme inactive)

The malt is extruded, it swells -> enzyme inactive.
Through a combined heat- and pressure treatment the enzymes become inactive.
Increases the water absorption = dough extraction shelf life!
Enfolds the flavour and taste!
Cerates an optimal browning!

Functional Food

Health benefits (vitamins, dietary fibres, .....)
Increase the water absorption = dough extraction = extended shelf life!
Special taste! All these products efold a typical taste, own to its kind.

Malt-flour (enzyme active)

The malt is milled to flour, the enzymes stay active.
Enfolds the flavour and rising ability of the dough!

Dry sour

Dough-sour-substance with dry sour made out of wholemeal flour to produce 
rye-& rye-mix-bread

Swell-flour (enzyme inactive)

Increase the water absorption of the dough = dough extraction = extended shelf life!



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