Woodquater poppyseed cake


150 g butter
70 g powder sugar
some vanilla + rum
finely grated lemon-peel
a pinch of salt
4 egg yolks
170 g grounded poppyseeds
4 egg whites
80 g sugar
50 g starch flour
50 g organic Grano wheat flour type W480 
1/16 l milk

Cream butter, powder sugar, vanilla, rum, salt and grated lemon. Gradually add egg yolks and grounded poppyseeds. Combine stiff whipped egg whites with sugar and add to batter. Mix flour, starch flour and milk smooth and add to batter. Brush cake tin with sugar and add to batter. Brush cake tin with melted butter. Dust tin lightly with flour, shake of excess. Fill and bake at low temperature for one hour. Cool and cover slightly with powder sugar.