Biodynamic agriculture

Dyk-Mill has been a Demeter partner for decades. We act for the Demeter community as a takeover & storage partner as well as a producer of Demeter flour milling products.

Demeter is the oldest association for organic agriculture and has a clear goal:

It serves the human being and promotes physical, mental and spiritual development in equal measure. Biodynamic products are a gift in their specialness and at the same time the result of consistent, loving work by people with conviction, knowledge and skill.

For more information: https://you-will-grow.net/

Energy concept

Ecological measures around production


We strive to use energy carefully and responsibly. Until 2015 we operated a small hydroelectric power station (Francis turbine) with a fish ladder, which covered about 30% of our electricity needs.

In 2014, we decided to build a new hydropower plant.

This double-regulated Kaplan turbine was put into operation in spring of 2017 and has three times the power output when the water level in the river Thaya is sufficient. In the course of this project, a flood protection (flap weir system) for the city center of Raabs/Thaya was also realized.

We also produce electricity by means of photovoltaics, this plant is to be expanded continuously. 


For more than 15 years we have been offering owners of electric/hybrid vehicles the opportunity to charge their car with electricity from renewable energy.

Partner of E-Friends

Since February 2020 we have been selling our free electricity from the generation of our hydroelectric power plant to an organization called eFriends. eFriends makes it possible to share clean and regionally generated electricity with a revolutionary technology for everyone.

Our awards

Our awards

Our team is always engaged to deliver products of the highest quality and to meet our customers sincere, responsible and friendly. Over the years we got a lot of awards for our performance as a committed and sustainable commercial enterprise.

  • Seal of approval for workplace health promotion
  • Small & Medium Enterprises HERO 2021
    (Honor for remarkable and sustainable work and successes)
  • Sustainability pioneer 2017/2018
    (CSR-strategy development and establishing of a sustainability report)
  • Certificate “success with responsibility” in Lower Austria 2016
    (CSR-strategy and sustainability report)
  • Certificate culinary-initiative „This is how Lower Austria tastes “2014
    contribution to development the big culinary diversity of Lower Austria
  • TRIGOS 2011 – The award for companies with responsibility 
    society category „wood quarter root world “
  • Award enjoyment region “Alles Powidl” 2009
    Initiative for enjoyment and healthy food for children and young people
  • Certificate of Appreciation HELIOS 2008 
    Energy efficiency price
  • TRIO of the year 2008 
    handicraft category 
  • Maecenas Appreciation 2004 
    Best cultural sponsoring – “European expansion”
  • Lower Austria innovation award 1997 
    For excellence innovation
  • Lower Austria innovation award 1992 
    Innovation for structure improvement

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