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The miller tradition in the Dyk family goes back for many generations and successfully continuous in the 5th generation at the site in Raabs an der Thaya. 

In 1881, Anton and Rosina Dyk (the great-great-grandparents of Lisa Dyk) bought the old mill from the castle owner in Raabs.

Michael Dyk and his wife Josefine continued the tradition in a very flourishing way. 

The mill was closed during the 2nd World War and under difficult circumstances Karl Dyk, his wife Hedwig, and his brother Michael started a new beginning.

In 1970 Peter Dyk (mechanical engineer and miller) and his wife Lydia took over the management of the flour mill.  Due to their active research and development activities with useful innovations, is the reason, why the mill in Raabs escaped the “mills exitus” at the beginning of the 90’s and produces and markets special products up to now.

In August 2002, their daughter Lisa Dyk return home to her parents’ business, due to the flood disaster.

The plan was to help with the clean-up for a month, but concerning the excellent cooperation with her parents and the committed employees, she decided to stay and in 2005 she took over the management of the mill.

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