These fresh croissants are something to be proud of!

We are delighted to be able to supply Julian Ernst Lubinger’s

croissant bakery “Ährnst” with our Organic & Demeter Flour

and wish him every success with “the best croissants in vienna”

Organic & Demeter Grain Harvest Final 2023

Schniderhau (reaper’s rooster) – end of harvest festival

In many areas the end of harvest festival is still known as Schniderhau. The term originates from the time when grain was still cut by the reaper by hand.
As an additional incentive for this hard work, the reapers received a rooster in addition to the feast. Hence the term Schniderhau. So let’s celebrate!

Thank you to all who participated in the 2023 harvest. We look forward to good flours & breads, delicious beers and whatever else great comes out of it.

Your DYK-Mill Team.

Organic & Demeter grain takeover harvest 2023

We start Monday – Friday in the morning at 07:30 and finish the takeover (at the latest at 22:00) after the last registration of farmers, or if there is no registration Monday-Thursday at 17:00 and on Friday at 12:00.

We wish all farmers a good harvest!

View into the bakery and mill

Since about three years we are allowed to supply the bakery Göttinger GmbH in A-3812 Groß Siegharts with organic wheat flour.

On 25. April 2023 there was for the first time a factory tour in the bakery to see the production processes.

For interested people there was a guided tour in our mill afterwards.

We were very pleased about this opportunity and would like thank Mr. Göttinger for the good cooperation.

Women’s power for climate and sustainability goals – Lisa Dyk was awarded by the state of Lower Austria!

On May 17th 2022 the state of Lower Austria presented the awards. The ceremony took place on the garden trade fair in Tulln.

Ms. Lisa Dyk received the award among eight winners for theimplementation of global sustainability goals.

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eFriend of the month December

Dyk-Mill was chosen eFriend of the month December. We would like to thank all eFriends for this!

We are very proud that we share with eFriends our excess energy since the beginning of 2020 from the production of our own hydro power plant, in the sense of supplying many private households.

More about eFriends:

Our hydroelectric power

Electricity from small hydropower and photovoltaics in the wood quarter is described by Mr. Andreas Pasielak, speaker of small hydroelectric power “Thayatal”, in his article in the current small hydropower magazine. The hydropower plant of our mill is also mentioned here, fortunately.

Until 2015 we operated a small hydroelectric power station (Francis turbine) with a fish ladder, which covered about 30% of our electricity needs. In 2014, we decided to build a new hydropower plant. This double-regulated Kaplan turbine was put into operation in spring of 2017 and has three times the power output when the water level in the river Thaya is sufficient. We also produce electricity by means of photovoltaics, this plant is to be expanded continuously.

Article by Mr. Pasielak (Issue 79)

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