The Vision of the Dyk family

How visionary the idea of founding the “Farmers Association for unsprayed grain” of the Dyk family in the early eighties was, the figures of the trend development in the organic sector show quite clearly. Thus, out of personal conviction, the foundation stone of organic agriculture was laid, which at the same time meant the ground-breaking of a new era in our region: organic farming.

Our values

As a company, we will remain true to our principles of associative management, regionality, tradition & innovation, and sustainability with its 3 pillars in the future out of our deepest conviction.

Innovation at the corporate level

Our main focus will continue to be on the area of research & development. It is important to us, to be able to continue to present innovative products to our customers, to remain competitive and, above all, because we enjoy researching in the areas of milling and extrusion!

Values lived in the company

Economic activity

Regional responsibility

In the region around our small town Raabs/Thaya we are an important employer and above all an important purchaser of organic/Demeter grain from the surrounding farmers. For generations, Dyk Mühle has been trusted by the farmers. This means, firstly, that all our employees live with their families in the local area and, secondly, that no long transport routes are necessary for the purchase of raw materials. In addition, we make a significant contribution to regional value creation and to the protection of jobs and infrastructure in a region with a constantly shrinking population and the closure of farms.


The Dyk Mill is a family business. Lisa Dyk is the managing director and sole owner of the Dyk Mill. There are no corporate affiliations. The company form is a GmbH & Co KG. 100% organic mill means a clear and definite positioning for organic. Long-term partnerships are existing with suppliers and customers.

Customer focus

As a small company, we want to and can be extremely flexible. Product safety, specific product development, small batches and reliability are just some of the services for which our company stands. “Traceability”, e.g., the complete documentation of a product (from the field to the package on the shelf) is an extremely important topic, especially in the organic sector, and has therefore been a standard for us for decades.

Ecological action


Our affinity to sustainable organic agriculture is obvious: organic pioneer, 100% organic mill, organic association, and much more.

Organic agriculture avoids the use of synthetic chemical products (such as fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators and antibiotics) and genetically modified products. Biodynamic agriculture stands for diversity, because it supports the build-up of humus and natural life processes and helps the interrelationships between ecosystems and species. 

As an organic processing plant, the production process uses techniques that are strictly defined according to organic and Demeter standards. The quality and taste of organic food are defined from the agricultural raw materials used and not from chemical additives.


The main part of our organic grain suppliers are small farmers from the “Wood Quarter”, which live the circular economy. We want to support the farming structures in our region, which maintain and care our landscape. The regional value is strengthened by the production and processing in the region.

Social & societal action


We are proud of our employees, especially of the strong team spirit that manifested itself in crisis situations (e.g., floods). 

The skills of our employees are varied and each individual member of our mill family is characterized by a variety of appreciable values and a positive attitude to life.


An important reason for the strong employee loyalty in our company is certainly the high participation of all employees in the operational and production processes. 

We always encourage our team to contribute their ideas. Many of their innovative suggestions lead to further optimization of the production processes. Tasks are discussed together, goals defined and their implementation coordinated.

Corporate comittment

For personal conviction, we are very committed to raising mind and values in the area of sustainability and related topics. 

Examples of this are the “Wood Quarter Root World”, our membership in the “Slow Food Convivum Wood Quarter” and the “Wood Quarter Energy regulars’ table”.

The last serves as information, exchange of experiences and as a place of meeting and encouragement and is an impulse generator for awareness raising and further development in the field of energy and climate protection.

Dyk-Mill is a member of the Food Cluster Lower Austria, whose long-term goal is to promote and network existing domestic competencies in the areas of food production, technology and marketing. In addition, Lisa Dyk is involved as a committee member of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce in the area of food trades (professional group of millers) as well as a confidential representative for several districts.

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