Organic milling products

Patented special milling system = the valuable germ bud stays in the flour!

Bio Weizenvollkornmehl
1 KG

Organic wheat flour

Organic wheat flour type 480 universal
Organic wheat flour type 700 fine
Organic wheat flour type 1600
Organic wheat whole meal flour

Bio Roggen Vollkornmehl
1 KG

Organic rye flour

Organic rye flour type 500
Organic rye flour type 960
Organic rye flour type 2500
Organic rye whole meal flour

Bio Dinkel Mehl Grano
1 KG

Organic spelt wheat flour

Organic spelt wheat flour type 700
Organic spelt wheat whole meal flour

1 KG

Organic perennial rye flour

Organic perennial rye whole meal flour

1 KG

Organic emmer wheat flour (triticum dicoccum)

(triticum dicoccum)
Organic emmer wheat whole meal flour

1 KG

Organic einkorn wheat flour (triticum monococcum)

(triticum monococcum)
Organic einkorn wheat wholemeal flour

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